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Description of Branch and its Membership, 2014

Membership in the International Arthurian Society is open to all persons interested in the study of the Arthurian realm in literature, history, art, film, and popular culture. National Branches of the Society include the French, German, British, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Hispanic (Spain, Portugal, and Brazil), Rumanian, Swiss, North American (U.S.A. and Canada), and Australia & New Zealand. The Society also has Corresponding Secretaries in Finland, Hungary, Israel, and Russia. At present, there are nearly 1,200 individual members in the Society, and over 300 libraries subscribe to its annual Bibliographical Bulletin. The North American Branch has approximately135 library subscribers and 280 individual members, including professional academics, students, and non-academics with an interest in the Arthurian tradition. As of December 2012, approximately 80% of our members lived in the United States, 15% in Canada, 2% in other countries in North and South America, and 3% in other countries throughout the world.

International congresses are held every three years, most recently in Utrecht in 2005, in Rennes in 2008, and in Bristol in 2011. The next conference will be 20 to 27 July 2014 at the University of Bucharest in Bucharest, Romania. In addition, the North American Branch holds an annual meeting in May, in conjunction with the International Congress on Medieval Studies organized by the Medieval Institute of Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo). For further information about the IAS, please consult the Arthuriana web site:

The Society publishes annually the Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society (BBIAS)/ Bulletin Bibliographique de la Société Internationale Arthurienne (BBSIA), which contains notices of scholarly books, articles, and reviews on Arthurian subjects that have appeared during the preceding year as well as original articles, a news section, and a list of the members of the Society with their addresses. The bibliography will soon move to an online format, currently projected for the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. Members of the North American Branch also receive four issues annually of Arthuriana. News of the North American Branch (“The Round Table”) appears twice a year in Arthuriana.

Annual dues in U.S. or Canadian dollars, which include a subscription to BBIAS and Arthuriana vary according to membership category: Regular ($60); Contributing or Joint (family): one copy of all publications per membership ($70); Patron ($90 or more); Student ($15); and Emeritus ($50). Members of the North American Branch residing outside the U.S.A. and Canada are kindly requested to add $45 to their membership dues, regardless of category, to help support the cost of mailing publications. Note: Persons joining before October 1 will be considered members for that calendar year and will receive all publications corresponding to that year. Those who become members after October 1 will be considered members for the following year and receive that year’s BBIAS and Arthuriana.

Officers of the North American Branch (2011-2014): President: Joan Tasker Grimbert (Catholic U of America); Immediate Past President: Kevin J. Harty (La Salle U); Vice-President: Kevin Whetter (Acadia U); Secretary-Treasurer: Evelyn Meyer (Saint Louis U); Bibliographer: Anne Berthelot (U of Connecticut); Editor of Arthuriana: Dorsey Armstrong (Purdue U); Graduate Student/New Member of the Profession: Brandy Brown (Penn. State U);  Advisory Committee: Carol Dover (Georgetown U), Michael Twomey (Ithaca College), David F. Johnson (Florida State U), Matthieu Boyd (Fairleigh Dickinson U), Susan Aronstein (U of Wyoming), and Ann Howey (Brock U).

To join or to renew your membership for 2014, please complete the Membership Application form below.



The Round Table Newsletter:

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The Arthurian Network email Address Directory

This is a partial list of e-mail addresses of current (2012-2013) IAS/NAB members and is not to be confused with ARTHURNET. Send queries, corrections, additions, or changes to IAS-NAB Secretary-Treasurer Eveln Meyer:

This directory was last updated Fall 2012.

Ms. Felicia Nimue Ackerman
Prof. Jeremy Duquesne Adams
Dr. Mark Adderley
Ms. Gillian Adler
Mr. James D. Allan
Dr. Amy Amendt-Raduege
Dr. Alexander Vaughn Ames No current email address
Prof. Lidia Amor
Mr. Mike Anderson
Dr. Sarah A. Anderson
Prof. Dorsey Armstrong 
Prof. Stephen Atkinson
Prof. Marcus Baccega
Dr. Laura K. Bedwell
Ms. Judith Benz
Mr. Christopher M. Berard
Ms. Esther Bernstein EBERNSTEIN88@GMAIL.COM
Prof. Anne Berthelot
Dr. Jean Blacker
Dr. Virginia Blanton
Dr. Michael H. Blechner
Dr. Siobhain Bly Calkin
Prof. Phillip C. Boardman
Dr. Andreea D. Boboc
Ms. Anne Bornschein
Prof. Maureen Boulton
Mr. Edward Mead Bowen
Ms. April Boyd
Prof. Beverly Boyd
Dr. Louis J. Boyle
Ms. Brandy N. Brown
Mrs. Karen Brown Campbell
Prof. Matilda Tomaryn Bruckner
Prof. Elizabeth J. Bryan
Prof. Kristin Burr
Prof. Keith Busby
Dr. Stephanie Cain Van D'Elden
Prof.  James P. Carley JCARLEY@YORKU.CA
Dr. Paula Mae Carns
Prof. Carleton W. Carroll
Dr. Kathy Cawsey
Prof. Carol Chase
Prof. Karen Cherewatuk 
Prof. Siegfried Christoph
Ms. Nicole Clifton
Dr. Ruth Harwood Cline
Mrs. Jaqueline Jones Clowney
Prof. Jeffrey J. Cohen
Prof. Alice M. Colby-Hall
Prof. Joyce Coleman
Dr. Dwayne C. Coleman
Ms. Sarah Connell Sarah Connell <>
Dr. Raymond Cormier
Prof. Roger Dahood
Mr. Elmer Dante
Prof. Roberta Davidson
Prof. Deidre Dawson
Mr. Robert Delaney
Mr. Matthew S. Dentice
Ms. Samantha Dickson
Dr. Nicole Guenther Discenza
Prof. Maria Dobozy
Dr. Janet Doner
Prof. Carol R. Dover
Ms. Diane M. Downes
Ms. Guenevere T. Eckert
Prof. Caroline D. Eckhardt
Ms. Violet Edelman
Dr. Lawrence Eson
Dr. Diane A. Facinelli
Prof. Sandy Feinstein
Mr. Ethan Fenn
Prof. Laurie Finke
Ms. Anne Firestone
Ms. Janice Flug
Prof. Jeanne Fox-Friedman
Dr. Christina Francis
Prof. Karen L. Fresco
Dr. Ellen L. Friedrich
Ms. Sarah Gillette
Prof. Francis Gingras
Mr. John M. Gist
Ms. Jo Goyne
Prof. Virginie Greene
Prof. Joan Tasker Grimbert
Ms. Pamela Grudzien
Ms. Kathleen C. Guler
Dr. Susanne Hafner
Dr. Stacey Hahn
Dr. Andrea R. Harbin
Dr. Carol E. Harding
Dr. Kevin J. Harty
Mr. Leslie O. Haygood
Dr. Harold J. Herman
Dr. William F. Hodapp
Prof. Kenneth Hodges
Prof. Donald L. Hoffman
Prof. Sue Ellen Holbrook
Prof. Delmar C. Homan Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Dr. Ann Howey
Dr. Martin Howley
Ms. Mikayla L. Hunter
Dr. Sibylle Jefferis
Dr. Janet Jesmok
Dr. Caroline Jewers
Prof. David F. Johnson
Prof. Catherine Jones
Dr. Jean E. Jost
Prof. Marianne Kalinke
Dr. Rachel Kapelle
Mr. Peter Kardon
Dr. Alexander L. Kaufman
Dr. Amy S. Kaufman
Mr. Russell L. Keck
Dr. Judith Kellogg
Prof. Emeritus Douglas Kelly
Dr. Ellin M. Kelly
Dr. Robert L. Kelly
Prof. Edward Donald Kennedy
Mrs. Lydia Yaitsky Kertz
Prof. Sharon Kinoshita
Mr. Andrew William Klein
Prof. Christopher Kleinhenz
Dr. Dan Kopen
Ms. Alexandria Krause
Prof. Valerie Krishna
Prof. Steven F. Kruger
Prof. Norris J. Lacy
Dr. Adele S. Lafleur
Mr. Mick Laing
Mrs. Robyn Lamm Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Mr. Edward M. Lazarus
Dr. Mildred Leake Day
Mrs. Rosalba Lendo
Dr. Ruth Lexton
Dr. Leo K. Lichtig
Dr. Sarah Lindsay
Mr. John Love
Dr. Alan Lupac
Dr. Barbara Tepac Lupac
Dr.  Amanda Luyster
Mrs. Vilay Lyxuchoucky
Prof. Donald Maddox and Sara Sturm-Maddox
Prof. Sara Storm Maddox
Mr. Timothy Magill
Dr. Dhira B. Mahoney
Prof. Jerome Mandel
Dr. Molly A. Martin
Ms. Drew Danielle Maxwell
Dr. Timothy G. McAlpine
Mr. Francis H. McCarthy
Mr. Adrian McClure
Dr. Ann McCullough
Prof. Maud Burnett McInerny
Dr. Margaret McKenzie
Prof. Meradith T. McMunn
Prof. Evelyn Meyer
Prof. Gretchen Mieszkowski
Prof. Barbara D. Miller
Mr. Leon Mintz
Prof. Richard J. Moll
Dr. Leslie Zarker Morgan
Mr. Daniel Morris
Dr. Ryan Muckerheide
Dr. Lisa Nalbone
Mr. Daniel P. Nastali
Prof. Richard Newhauser
Dr. Helmut Nickel
Dr. Ralph Norris
Ms. Annegret Oehme
Ms. Meg Oldman
Dr. Michael Olendzenski
Mr. Bert Olton
Mr. Ronald Onorato
Dr. Ed Ouellette
Mr. Jonathan  Passaro
Mr. Noah G. Peterson
Dr. Wendy Pfeffer
Mr. James Pietrusz
Mrs. Genevieve Pigeon
Prof. John F. Plummer
Prof. Michael Popkin
Prof. F. Regina Psaki
Dr. Jonathan Randle
Dr. Meredith Reynolds
Mr. Emerson Richards
Prof. Velma Bourgeois Richmond
Prof. Jeff Rider
Mrs. Melissa Ridley Elmes
Dr. Lisa Robeson
Dr. Carol L. Robinson CLROBINS@KENT.EDU
Prof. Paul V. Rockwell
Ms. Cynthia Rogers
Prof. Samuel N. Rosenberg
Prof. Robert Rouse ROBERT.ROUSE@UBC.CA
Dr. Lisa M. Ruch
Ms. Sarah B. Rude sarah_rude@BAYLOR.EDU
Prof. Cory James Rushton
Prof. Michael N. Salda
Prof. Susann Samples
Mr. Arnold Sanders
Prof. Barbara N. Sargent-Baur Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Dr. Mary Lynn Saul
Dr. William Sayers
Prof. Jacqueline Thibault Schaefer Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Mr.   Franz W. Schneider
Mr. Thomas Schneider
Prof. Peter R. Schroeder
Dr. Peter C. Schwartz
Prof. Harvey L. Sharrer
Dr. Jon Sherman
Prof. Martin B. Shichtman
Dr. Judy Shoaf
Ms. Sheila M. Sibley
Dr. Veronica L. Skinner
Prof. Elizabeth S. Sklar
Ms. Amalia Slobogian
Prof. Mary B. Speer
Dr. David Sprunger
Prof. David Staines
Prof. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand
Prof. Lorraine Kochanske Stock
Prof. Alison Stones
Prof. Robert S. Sturges
Prof. Joseph M. Sullivan
Prof. Margaret Du Mais Svogun
Dr. Dana Symons
Mr. Michael W. Thomas Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Prof. Raymond H. Thompson
Mr. Piotr Toczyski
Ms. Kathleen Denise Toohey
Mr. Michael A. Torregrossa MATORREGROSSA@GMAIL.COM
Dr. Larissa Tracy
Dr. Janina P. Traxler
Ms. Michelle Trout
Prof. Michael W. Twomey
Dr. Rebecca Umland
Ms. Usha Vishnuvajjala
Dr. Martha Wallen
Dr. John Michael Walsh
Prof. Margaret Charlotte Ward Contact secretary Evelyn Meyer ( for contact information
Mr. Andrew Welsh
Mr. Samuel Wenger
Dr. Michael Wenthe
Dr. Sarah Westphal-Wihl
Prof. Logan E. Whalen
Prof. Bonnie Wheeler
Prof. K.S. Whetter
Dr. Muriel A. Whitaker MAWHITA@SHAW.CA
Dr. Jon Whitman
Dr. Grace G. Wilson
Dr. Lenora D. Wolfgang
Mr. Lucas Wood
Prof. Monica L. Wright
Prof. Charlotte Wulf
Prof. Linda Marie Zaerr
Dr. Juan Miguel Zarandona
Mr. Brendon Zatirka ZATIRKAB@WAYNE.EDU
Ms. Hannah Zdanksky
Rev. Daren J. Zehnle
Ms. Blaire Zeiders
Mr. Ronald L. Zeiler