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A Little Known Codex, Bancroft ms. 73, and its Place in the Manuscript Tradition of the Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal  
Fanni Bogdanow  
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Physical and Mental Cruelty in the Lais of Marie de France  
Renée L. Curtis  
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Where Wace Feared to Tread: Latin Commentaries on Merlin's Prophecies in the Reign of Henry II  
Jean Blacker  
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Strickers Daniel von dem blühenden Tal Ein 'klassischer' Artusroman?  
Annemarie Wambach  
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Howard Pyle and the Chivalric Order in America: King Arthur for Children  
Jeanne Fox-Friedman  
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A Confluence of Pagan-Celtic and Christian Traditions in Charles Williams's 'Bors to Elayne: The Fish of Broceliande'  
Jan Curtis  
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