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Arthuriana is the quarterly for the International Arthurian Society - North American Branch. It is dedicated to all aspects of the Arthurian story from its inception in the Middle Ages to its enactments in the present moment. The only academic journal in the world on Arthurian subjects, Arthuriana is poised on the cutting edge of current debates on Arthurian topics. Contributors to the journal consistently include the top scholars in the field, and the journal constantly seek out new and innovative scholarship that brings fresh perspectives to Arthurian studies.

From Fall 1995 (Vol 5.3) Arthuriana has been available online to subscribers who choose to receive their subscriptions through the World Wide Web.

If you have questions about the journal or this website, contact Professor Dorsey Armstrong. If you have questions about King Arthur and the Arthurian legend, contact Arthurnet.

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Arthuriana: The Quarterly for the International Arthurian Society-North American Branch
English Department
Purdue University
500 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-8576; fax (765) 494-3780

Mission Statement:
A multi-disciplinary journal of Arthurian Studies from beginnings to the present.
Dorsey Armstrong
English Department, Purdue University. 500 Oval Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Scriptoriun Press, P.O. Box 750432, Dallas, Texas 75275-0432
Published four (4) times yearly, normally appearing in February, May, October, December
Tax Exempt:
501c non-profit organization; US ID tax number 75-2877880
Standing Orders:
Accepted: Pay through subcription agency or by invoice annually. Subscriptions by calendar year only, filled beginning with Spring issue.
Individuals (USA): $50; Institutions and libraries (USA): $100.00. Individuals (non-USA) $80;
Institutions and libraries (non-USA): $120.00. On-line since 1995 (hard-copy and on-line subscriptions are separate). On-line subscription is $25 per calendar year. Single current and single back issues may be purchased.
Previous Titles:
Quondam et Futurus (ISSN 8755-3627; 1061-9437), Quondam et Futurus: A Journal of Arthurian Interpretations, short title Arthurian Interpretations (ISSN 0890-4944). For full information, consult the History page.


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Back issues are available from the Arthuriana office at a cost of $200 per volume (USA); $60 per issue (US delivery; non-USA is $250 per volume, $80 per issue) plus shipping and handling.


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