Arthurnet Discussions: Prof. Malecho Lectures

In 1996, Arthurnetter Mark Adderley of the University of South Florida posted a series of mock lectures by "Prof. Malecho" about modern critical theory and its place in graduate school, as well as in Arthurian scholarship. You can use the navigation bar at the top of some of his messages to read responses by both defenders and opponents of critical theory. Use the BACK key of your browser to return to this page. As always, a complete set of site navigation options is available at the bottom of this page.

A Modest Proposal (21 Jan 1996 12:46)

Mod. Prop. Part II (21 Jan 1996 13:16)

A Crock of Onion (4 Nov 1996 12:57)

Notes from Prof. Malecho (12 Nov 1996 18:27)

Prof. Malecho Practices Charity (Ironically) (13 Nov 1996 19:46)

Prof. Malecho revealed (18 Nov 1996 20:05)

Prof Malecho Self-Deconstructs (4 Dec 1996 17:10)

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