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Medieval Sourcebook: Map Resources Page
A primary source for European and Byzantine medieval maps. Provided by Paul Halsall and Fordham University.

A Medieval Atlas
An web site provided by Melissa Snell.

The Antique and Medieval Atlas: De Imperatoribus Romanis
Prepared by Chris Nüssli of Salve University, this page contains maps of Europe in 100-year increments, from 001 AD to 1400 AD.

The Roman Military Sites of Britain
"The Roman Army's fortresses, forts, watchtowers, temporary camps, depots and industrial sites, built in Britain over 400 years, with photographs and other background material on military history of Britannia." Created by Peter Green of Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire.

A Roman Atlas
A "collection of modern maps showing ancient placenames throughout any part of the world once part of the Roman Empire." Provided by Bill Thayer and the University of Kansas.

Links to Websites on Ancient Rome
"A catalog of websites on Roman antiquity." Provided by Bill Thayer and the University of Kansas. Links to sites that have maps are at lower levels.

NetSERF Map Links
Links to the University of Kansas map archives, including not only the Roman maps listed above but maps of medieval and Renaissance Europe

Early Medieval Maps: 400 A.D.-1300 A.D. and Late Medieval Maps: 1300-1500
Created by Jim Siebold for Henry Davis Consulting as an educational service, these are part of a larger site of historical maps.

Early British Kingdoms Site Map
Maps and information about so-called "Dark Age" Britain, provided by David Nash Ford.

Legolas' Fantasy and Medieval Maps
A selection of maps of various parts of the world, including country and city maps, and castle building plans.

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