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This list of websites is not intended to be a comprehensive clearing house of everything Arthurian on the web. The sites are chosen for their usefulness specifically for teaching, not necessarily for research by scholars or students. If you have or know of a suitable website, please e-mail the URL to Alan Baragona for consideration. As always, a complete set of site navigation options is available at the bottom of this page.

The Camelot Project (University of Rochester)

The Labyrinth Arthurian Studies (Georgetown University)

Click "Arthurian Studies" and the Submit button

Voice of the Shuttle: Arthurian Studies

A Page for Arthurnet

Baragona's Arthurian Legend

King Arthur's Pedigree and Family: A Sourcebook

Chris Gwinn's web site on references to Arthur's pedigree in medieval Welsh, Gaelic and Latin texts.

Caitlin Green's Arthurian Resources

The Historicity and Historicisation of Arthur by Caitlin Green

An Arthuriana Chronology and A Gazetteer of Arthurian Sites

Persons, events, works, and places associated with the Arthurian legends from A.D. 175 to the present, by Chris Snyder of Marymount University.

Le Roi Arthur et les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde

This is an archived site. Although it is in French, several of the links go to English language pages.

Scotland's King Arthur

Was King Arthur Scottish?

Finding Merlin: A Gallery of Pictures

Pictures associated with another theory that places Arthur and Merlin in Scotland

"Dictionnaire électronique de Chrétien de Troyes"

Pierre Kunstmann's site provides an Old French-Modern French-Modern English dictionary of Chrétien's lexis, a concordance and transcriptions of the five romances, including digital manuscript images of all five.

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